2019 FibreFest Shawl (e-pattern)
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2019 FibreFest Shawl (e-pattern)

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Skill Level: Adventurous Beginner to Intemediate Knitting

This shawl was designed for the NSW Knitters’ Guild FibreFest Event held in Singleton NSW on 26 & 27 Oct 2019. It is mostly worked in blocks of garter stitch interspersed with interesting eyelets and openings to create a semi-sculptural effect. To create a unique piece, all blocks except for the circle edging can be re-positioned or omitted and all lengths can be varied. Two, three or even more colours may be used.

The shawl requires average to intermediate knitting skills and includes a scarf option. The first shawl featured at left, uses 5 colours and follows the instructions for the basic shawl.

The purple-tones shawl uses 4 colours and the grey-tones shawl uses 3 colours. Both these shawls have had variations made to the basic pattern. The bright pink scarf uses 2 colours and follows the basic pattern. The pattern instructions are for making two-colour and three-colour versions but instructions are included for making variations and are encouraged!! There is a guide to yarn requirements should you wish to modify your shawl.

Finished Measurements Scarf Width:
Unblocked: approx 17cm or 6¾ins Blocked: approx 19cm or 7½ins Shawl Width: Unblocked: approx 46cm or 18ins Blocked: approx 52cm or 20½ins Scarf or

Shawl Length:
Unblocked: approx 168cm or 66¼ins Blocked: approx 193cm or 76ins The pictured shawls have been lightly blocked.**

Yarn Fingering weight or 4 ply merino singles 100g (370m or 405yds)

Basic Two-Colour Scarf or Shawl:
Scarf: 1 x 100g each of two colours (C1 and C2) or approx 260m or 284yds of C1 and 300m or 328yds of C2.
Shawl: 2 x 100g each of two colours (C1 and C2) or approx 652m or 713yds of C1 and 726m or 794yds of C2.

Basic Three-Colour Scarf or Shawl:
Scarf: 1 x 100g each of three colours (C1, C2 and C3) or approx 260m or 284yds of C1, 150m or 164yds of C2 and 148m or 162yds of C3.
Shawl: 2 x 100g of one colour (C1) and 1 x 100g each of two colours (C2 and C3) or approx 652m or 713yds of C1, 356m or 389yds of C2 and 370m or 405yds of C3.

Alternatively, you may wish to use four or more colours and plan your own colour combinations. For a video tutorial on working the holes in Blocks A and G see https://youtu.be/WM4DXxR9P0E
For a video tutorial on working the dropped stitch eyelets in Block D see https://youtu.be/0kKrR9gXcMk
For a video tutorial on how to sew in ends see https://youtu.be/0E_9P-3b40o


Needles and Notions:

  • 4mm/US 6 needles in long straights or circulars depending on your preference when knitting in rows

  • 8-14 removable stitch markers and yarn needle

Note: e-pattern = digital download (PDF)