TB050 Peaches
Two Brown Birds

TB050 Peaches

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Designed by Fiona Tully

Peaches is a cute as she can be! With her smiley face and soft body, she’s ready to cuddle and love!

Size: 80cm (32in) tall

Materials required:

  • 10cm square felt for cheeks
  • 30x60 cm felt for hair
  • 30x60 cm fabric for head
  • 30x60 cm fabric for body
  • 50x60 cm fabric for legs
  • 40x50 cm fabric for arms
  • 50x110 cm fabric for dress
  • 30x110 cm contrast fabric for sleees and pocket
  • 2 x 12mm black shank buttons for eyes
  • Red stranded embroidery thread
  • 100 cm hat elastic
  • Crochet cotton or other strong thread for joining doll
  • Long doll needle
  • General sewing supplies