Sewing up Knitted Garments
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Sewing up Knitted Garments

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We understand that many knitters love the process of knitting but find sewing up to be a bit tedious — especially if it’s your first time. When sewing up your knitting, you’ll want the joins to look as seamless as possible, as if the knitting is all one piece. You will learn the mattress stitch, the best yarn to sew up your garment including other interesting tips and tricks..

Skill Level for this Session: Suitable for beginners to experienced knitters

What's included in your sessions: 2 x 1-hour face-to-face lessons for $70. Save by sharing the session fee with a friend and half your session costs i.e.: $35 each for 2 hours of individual guidance from our award-winning teachers. It beats downloading an online tutorial, because you’ll have hands on support to help you with your project at each step of the way…you can ask questions and get answers to all those niggling questions about why your work doesn’t look like it should! 

Where are the lessons held: Crumbz Craft 236 Maroondah Hwy, Healesville Victoria

Booking your sessions: We are very flexible with dates and where possible will organise your sessions to suit your home/work life commitments. At the checkout, in the notes section, simply let us know when you'd like to complete your sessions, or you can book the first session with us and then organise the next session when you're ready; this will allow you time to complete any extra homework at your own pace. 

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