Zing IC Melodies of Life Gift Set 47411

Zing IC Melodies of Life Gift Set 47411

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Beautifully boxed gift set of 8 Zing Interchangeable circular needles - perfect for knitters of all skill levels.

These needles are made from superior grade, light weight metal, in a spectrum of vibrant and lively colours. The set also contains a monogrammed fabric accessory pouch which is truly a treat to the eyes.

The set contains the following sizes:

  • 3.50 mm (E-4) (Light Green)
  • 4.00 mm (G-6) (Blue)
  • 4.50 mm (Bluish Purple)
  • 5.00 mm (H-8) (Pink)
  • 5.50 mm (I-9) (Brown)
  • 6.00 mm (J-10) (Dark Purple)
  • 7.00 mm (Purple)
  • 8.00 mm (L-11) (Turquoise)

Additionally the set contains:

  • 4 cables: 1x60 cm (green), 2x80cm (orange) and 1x100 cm (red)
  • 8 stoppers
  • 4 tightening keys
  • 1 set of cable transitions
  • Wool Needles
  • Mesh Holders
  • A small purse decorated with musical nodes for accessories.

The set comes in a nice black case decorated with both musical nodes and piano keys, which is undoubtedly a fine addition to your collection. Enjoy!